Enterprise Cyber Security

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered software to determine anomalous activity, and block it, before threat actors have a chance.

Incident Response

Password leaked on the dark web? Business email compromised? Wire transfer funds to your CEO's spoofed email? Take action to stop the threats before they start.

Cyber as a Service

Maximize your investments in cyber security and technology by leveraging our unparalleled expertise. Proactively improve your organization's cyber security posture.

Cyber Security Experts

Digital Upkeep is not your ordinary Cyber Security Consultancy. Digital Upkeep's specialty is Cyber Security, with the goal of driving value for our clients. The small to medium sized business market is tired of paying exorbitant costs for breach remediation efforts. That's why Digital Upkeep's architects incorporate security into the design process of the solutions we build, as well as secure the environments our clients have already invested in. We are not your average managed service provider, but an expert Cyber Security Consultancy whose goals are in line with your business. We drive value by saving money when compared to the competition, without sacrificing your organization's security posture. 

Security Architecture and Engineering

Engineering technical processes using secure design principles. Architect cyber security capabilities into network and application fabric.

Security Assessment and Testing

Web Application Penetration testing. Security control testing. Auditing enterprise security, designing and validating assessment and test strategies.

Cyber as a Service

Next generation cyber security services, such as AI and ML powered enterprise defense, CISO as a service, cyber security monitoring, security awareness training.

Technology Management as a service

On-premise and cloud strategy and management. Business continuity planning. CIO as a service. Maximize value and efficiency.


Digital Transformation

At Digital Upkeep we are known within the Information Technology and Cyber Security Sector for having some of the most highly qualified team members and contacts across the Technology, Financial Services, Education, Public Relations, and Government verticals. We want you to forget about paying huge reactive bills for when things go wrong (think Ransomware incident response), so we provide you with the very best in proactive solutions to keep your digital assets with near 99.999% availability. With Managed IT® from Digital Upkeep, we support all of your cyber security and technology needs for a flat monthly fee, giving you the security of knowing that you have a trusted technology partner you can count on.

Cyber as a service

Technology Mgmt as a service

Why Choose Us

Digital Upkeep becomes your on demand, on site, and remotely enabled Cyber Security and Technology Provider for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time IT staff. Many businesses have turned to us because of our technical expertise, confidentiality, integrity, and comprehensive yet cost effective IT solutions. We are the best at IT, so you don’t have to be. Choose Digital Upkeep, because keeping IT up matters®.

  • We are experts in cyber security
  • We exist to ensure your business thrives
  • We drive technology solutions
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